Shih Tzu a holy royal dog

When Shih Tzuen occurred while you can not with certainty but its history goes with certainty 2,000 years back in time where the Shih Tzu displayed on tapestries.

It is reported that during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), the King of Viqur the Chinese court a pair of dogs that should have come from the Fu Lin (believed to be the Byzantine Empire). Another theory is that they come to China in the mid-17th century when dogs were brought from Tibet to the Chinese court. These dogs were bred in the Forbidden City in Peking. The smallest of these dogs resembled a lion represented in Oriental art. "Shih Tzu" means "lion".
It is known that the Shih Tzu was a pet for most of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 AD), and that they were reserved for the royal family. If someone who was not of royal family was taken in to have a Shih Tzu penalty was death.

historians believe that the Empress Dowager Cixi (T'zu Hsi) came to power in the 1860s gave the Dalai Lama her a breeding pair extraordinary Shih Tzus. These magnificent dogs were the foundation of her pure line.
After her death in 1908, the dogs were dispersed and breeding ceased almost. Since the communist revolution took place in China, the breed was almost extinct. All Shih Tzu'er today can be traced to fourteen dogs - seven bitches and seven hander

Shih Tzu claimed to be the oldest and smallest of the Tibetan holy dogs, as the lion is associated with the Buddhist deity because the Buddha should have come to earth riddene on the back of a lion

A dog with Personality

A Shih Tzu is best where it has overview and can follow what is happening, it might as well be on the back of the sofa, the wind frame as on the floor or between your legs. If you can not accept this, it is not the right dog for you '.

A charming and affectionate little dog!

It shows you his love the best it can, jump up in the meeting and will be everywhere
Shih tzu is an active dog that is only for the biggest puddles, the largest snow pile, and the biggest pile of goop

He loves to romp, but is also a great family dog​​. The most comfortable chair is the favorite place, prefer at any time the owner's bed rather than his muzzle.

Shih tzu like to sitt at the table , also loves to lie on it, so he can keep up with everything.

It is bright and quick witted, as the independent dog it is, it considers itself equal to its people! It is seldom necessary to put a shih tzu in place, but it is nonetheless important to the know how of the hierarchy it is situated.

A Shih Tzu could not dream of make something it did not seem reasonable or see the point in.. and it shows blithely his mind by turning around and go - it's a dog with confidence it has majestically attitude

It is important for a Shih Tzu to be in touch with the family, and it is not suitable to be alone 10 hours each day. In such a situation one must have at least two dogs, but it now comes often, quite by itself!

Shih Tzu owners have a saying: There's always room for a Shih Tzu to!

It is just as well in a small city apartment with short air trips in everyday life, in a big house with a lot of outdoor space.

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